Friday, June 8, 2018

Hawaiian Feather Hatbands Lei Humu Papa - is the passion of my art. As a Master Lei Hulu I have numerous haumana (apprentice) of the 40 or so haumana 4 -5 are able to produce the quality of work that matches or surpasses my quality.

The haumana have dedicated a chunk of their lives - 3-4 hours per day 5+ days a week, year round to absorb the teaching.

There is nowhere on the internet including Youtube that haumana can learn exactly what I teach. I have struggled with doing video tutorials for quite some time. Each time we change species of feather as well as where the feather is on the skin  has a set of rules to follow for the best looking lei and stitches. The tutorials would be endless with all the little quirks of particular species of bird feathers.

I have haumana that travel from around the world to learn the Keokea style of hatbands. They often buy a condo and a Maui cruiser, to be able to extend  their learning of learn lei hulu.  These Malahini are creating works of art ie Hawaiian Feather Hatbands that are unique beautiful and respectful of the culture.

Please stop into the Lei Shop when you are in Wailuku....

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

the resource for lei hulu and lei humu papa


Lei Humu Papa Maui Scallops

bands. We have a huge selection of all types of pheasant and peacock pelts from around the world. We are the resource for lei hulu as well as lei humu papa.

So blessed to have access and time to design new patterns at the Maui Studio. Creativity and encouragement overflows out of the production room, while retail area is decorated with completed work of 35 students and kumu of lei hulu.
The first two pictures are scallops of black goose, in the center is a very large peacock gold feather hiding behind the wispy fether from the golden chinese.  The 3-4 lei are similar except there are 3 small gold peacock feathers behind the golden chinese.

Plucking direct from the pelt allows the artist to match the feathers perfectly as well as know in advance if there are enough to complete the lei.        

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

   Maui Pineapple feather lei hulu - unique to maui feather lei this fanciful lei is fin, easy and quick to make,. DIY Hawaiiana is the greatest way to have a piece of Maui . This kit is available please email if you are interested in purchasing.

Made In Maui

We have been selected to be a member in the first Made in Maui Festival in November 2014.
Excited to meet professional buyers for the DIY kits - feather lei kits, puka shell earring kits, tahitian pearls earring kits and feather earrings

The kits will be preshaped into the shape of Maui or an ukulele and comes with complete directions. Or make a Maui girl necklace.

The lei kits are amazingly easier than they look... at $30 they are affordable and come with printed directions well as youtube video tutorials. EBAY  or ETSY
 Maui lokelani 

 Maui kukui 

 closeup of kukui

Friday, May 2, 2014

we are always busy at the shop please stop in if you are in Wailuku

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maui has a hundred or so active feather lei artists, another 100 are retired and at least another 100 that have been taught but do not currently make feather lei whether traditional as the lei kamoe or lei poe poe , contemporary as in lei humu papa, lokelani and others.

The art of feather lei requires hours of free time to prep feathers - measure then cut each feather, separate the first cut, second cut, lei are more consistent when the feathers are all the same size, 2 ounces of goose about 3 hours prep time
  prepare base - felt for lei humu papa, yarn and satin ribbon for traditional styles of lei kamoe, lei poepoe, lei lokelani, lei maui gold (and other style of lei wiliwili)
  attachment method
                        a)in traditional lei feathers are tied on wili wili style one feather at a time, progressing down the length of the lei  in a slow steady spiral
                        b)in lei humu papa also known as hawaiian feather hatband
sewing an experienced artist may sew 2 or more inches and hour, a beginner much less                                lei length is so varied
                                     average lei kamoe lei humu papa 27 to 30 inches
                                     lei kolohala po o 16 or so inches
                                     lei humu papa for cowboy hat 22 to 29 inches

stitches =  length and tension of stitches will play as much a part in the final price as the feathers and execution of the lei
Again varies by artist, an average lei poepoe at 30 inches long goes for $300 plus supplies - about $10 an hour, an experienced artist lei will start at $12 per inch

ISSUE   --   at what point does the lei become too expensive (?)